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Pool Demolition Sydney

Pool Demolition

Get Reliable Pool Removal and Demolition in Sydney for Concrete, Fibreglass and all other Pools

Heavy Duty Enterprises offers reliable pool demolition in Sydney, which allows you to make the necessary changes to your property without damaging the surroundings. Our team of professionals can assist you with reliable machinery and years of experience. We will effectively demolish your pools, whether concrete, fibreglass or any other material and dispose of the rubble for you. We also offer landscaping packages at the completion of the demolition to make the process as smooth as possible for our customers. You can count on Heavy Duty Enterprises when you need a pool removed.


Most Common Reasons to Consider Pool Removal in Sydney

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s time to demolish your swimming pool in Sydney, it might be worth doing. The truth is, swimming pools become a problem when we don’t use them. People choose to remove and demolish their swimming pools for various reasons, such as, wanting to reclaim the space and not maintaining something you don’t use. If you are experiencing these problems or feel similarly, this can be an excellent reason to call us for concrete pool removal, fibreglass pool removal and any other pool.

Pools can use a substantial amount of space that you could use for something else. You could install a fancy new deck or create a beautiful BBQ spot for you and the family. If no one is using the pool, there’s no reason not to use the space for something else!.

Maintenance is another common reason to let your pool go. Maintaining a pool is no trivial task, and it becomes even more tedious when no one uses it. You might as well get Heavy Duty Enterprises, your swimming pool removal specialist and save yourself time and money in the long run.

If your pool has somehow sustained damage, repairing it might prove too costly to be worthwhile. In such an event, it’s better to remove it. That way, you can add to your garden or even increase the size of your home in the future.

How We Get to Work When You Call on Our Sydney Pool Demolition Squad

When you call on our services for swimming pool removal in Sydney, you should know what to expect. We start with a friendly consultation to better understand your pool size/ type and if you require more than the pool removal such as landscaping options or other demolition works. 

Once we’ve agreed upon pricing and the job requirements, you can expect our professionals to arrive on the day as scheduled. We use reliable, high-quality machinery to reduce the chances of damage to your property during the job. Our staff are fully qualified and licensed to operate all the machinery we bring with us.

Before providing inground pool removal in Sydney, we will conduct a general service check. If you would need to redirect or disconnect services such as plumbing or electrical, we will organise the disconnection for you. This process allows you to deal with a single contractor the entire time instead of multiple.


Most councils require a Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) for the removal of a Swimming Pool. This application pertains to the development and receiving consent from your council. The DA or CDC process can confuse first-time applicants, so our highly qualified Building Certifier handles all the council permits and application processes for you.

Generally, swimming pools have fibreglass or concrete structures and depending on which material the pool consists of; the job can take two to eight days. We must start with breaking down the material in the pool, disposing of it correctly, and then filling the pool itself with compacted soil so it’s ready for use to lay grass or re-landscape it.

Call us today for reasonably priced quotes on our concrete or fibreglass pool removal in Sydney.

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