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How Much Does Pool Removal Cost

How Much Does Pool Removal Cost? Let Us Explain

You may want to remove a pool from your yard for many reasons. Perhaps it’s taking up too much space? Maybe you're tired of the continual maintenance and certifications? You may even wish to install a larger pool. If so, you've probably also been contemplating, “how much does pool removal cost?” The answer is not a precise figure because several factors influence the total cost, which we'll discuss next.


How Much And How Long Does Pool Removal Take

Several factors influence the cost of removing a pool, so we invite you to consult us for a comprehensive and detailed quote regarding the job. This will enable us to create a base price and allow you to budget for the add-on services adequately. Here's a breakdown of what’s involved in removing a pool in Sydney:

  • A development application (DA) or complying development certificate (CDC) must be submitted to the local council or certifier before removing a pool because you’re planning structural changes to your property (which will affect its value) and the fact that all pools in Sydney are registered. We assist homeowners with this application so that the required approval is successfully returned.

  • Our machinery quickly demolishes both fibre-glass and concrete pools. The removal and responsible disposal of the rubble is a requirement – we cannot just dump it in the hole. The volume and type of rubble affect the disposal cost.

  • There may be water and electricity connections to seal off, terminate or reroute. We add the cost of contracting a plumber and electrician to the quote because we sub-contract to ensure the work is done on time and correctly.

  • Earth and soil, similar to the rest of the area, are trucked in and sufficiently compacted. The level of compaction must be such that it’s possible to build on the ex-pool site safely, and planting trees and shrubs must be possible.

  • We also optionally provide landscaping services to rehabilitate the site. This includes the planting of roll-on grass.

Each of these points adds to the cost of removing a pool. However, once the development application or complying development certificate has been approved and we arrive on-site, the total removal and rehabilitation time is between two and eight days.

How Much Does Demolition of a House Cost With Heavy Duty Enterprises?

It's advisable to ask for a quote because several “hidden” factors are involved in demolishing a house, apart from the necessary permits and approvals. We also have to determine what size excavator for house demolition would be the most cost-effective, especially if access restrictions exist.

  • The inspection for asbestos is necessary and, if present, can increase the demolition cost due to the necessary precautions and the special disposal of materials.

  • If you’re wondering, “how long does house demolition take”,”? It depends on whether there’s a desire to salvage materials and if the site must be rehabilitated to the state of an empty parcel of land.

How long does house demolition take

About Heavy Duty Enterprises in Sydney

We have been in the pool removal and house demolition business since 2015 and understand the need for a reliable and rehabilitated job. We have access to the right heavy equipment for all project sizes, and our operators are licensed and skilled, with safety a top priority at all times.

Contact us for a comprehensive quote on pool removal or house demolition in Sydney.

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